Reading woes
Looking back at 2013 I don't feel like I've accomplished much. Having cable and Netflix has seriously killed major brain cells.
I'm almost afraid to make any kind of resolutions for 2014, but if I want to be a true librarian, I have to make reading more of a priority. With only a handful of days left of 2013, I've been trying to read some graphic novels so that I don't feel so much of a loser. Afterall, I do contribute to my work's graphic novel blog. I should be more familiar with new titles, prominent authors and illustrators, and the like.
So with the help of GoodReads and a couple of coworkers silently shaking their heads at me when I tell them I'm not reading anything, I am hoping I can commit to the following each month:
1 audio book
1 novel
1 graphic novel
x 12
36 titles for 2014

You think I can do it?

Performance review
stumbled across this entry and felt like I should record my progress. 6 years later.

I will move into the apartment I did. Thank God I don't live there anymore though it's cheap, sometimes cozy, and has a large patio :'(
I will make my bed frame and sofa seat from materials I buy at Home Depot Anyday now. Once I get some extra mula.
I will set up my sewing machine and use it Yeah, about that. Never set up. Just gave it away this year which in turn my friend sold it. I guess it's karma.
I will change my license plates that have needed changing since July 'nuff said
I will send off the packages to Lupe, Lynnea, Jess, and Carlos, oh yeah and Jillian Done. But I have a new lit of packages to send, some even being the same folks!
I will study for the MAT and sign up for the test yes!
I will stop going to CB every weekend- no I take that one back,I will minimize my going out in
general ;)
Thank goodness I stopped going there, but mostly b/c I can't hang like I used to. Too nauseating.
I will stop living from check to check... Still working on that unfortunately
I will add all the images and artist names into my book for safekeeping I have no idea what I'm talking about
I will organize my life work in progress

2012 Book Challenge: The Art of Racing in the Rain
I looked up what genres this title fell under on different websites. Novelist considers it Literary Fiction. World Cat labels it Experimental Fiction. I consider it unique from the canon I’ve read due to it’s narrator being a dog but not sure if there’s a animal narrator genre. I was skeptical at first since the dog’s owner is a race car driver and Enzo goes into great detail about his master’s profession. He often uses race car facts and scenarios as metaphors for life, but in the end I really enjoyed it.

I don’t have any pets and I don’t think I was raised to become very attached to any pets. But lately my “pet-ernal” clock is ticking and by the end of the book, I was CRYING....AT WORK. tsk, tsk. That is why I don’t read at work on my breaks.

It is a beautiful book and I love how Enzo refers to his owner as “my Danny!” I could envision the gestures of a dog signifying agreement or disapproval and all the loving gestures dogs make when they love you. It’s thought-provoking, moving and melted my ice-cold heart.
I highly recommend it.

2012 Book Challenge: Sharp Objects
I do realize that I failed my own appointed book challenge (smh). However, I seem to read more when I'm not expected to and have a read a good number (for me) within the last couple of months. I am also happy to report that they are from varying genres so....I will add them as if I intended reading them for this challenge!

The latest book I read and loved is Gillian Flynn's Sharp Objects. Her book Gone Girl has been on the New York Times Bestsellers List. This book falls under Suspense Fiction which satisfies my Suspense/Thriller genre. I have to say I thoroughly liked it though after reading a few Good Reads reviews, I agree with others that it is unhealthy. I'm glad that I was not alone in feeling unsettled after reading it and needing to talk to someone about the book. I attempted to tell my boyfriend about the book hoping my description would get him to empathize with me, but that didn't happen.

Anyway, it's about a Chicago newspaper reporter whose small Missouri hometown has had two deaths within a year of young girls. She is assigned to return to her hometown to follow the deaths and investigation and in turn, has to deal with her broken relationship with her mom and half-sister who is considered a tyrant in her school and is the lead popular girl of her class. One review I saw online compared the book to Twin Peaks and The Secretary. I do see Twin Peaks in the tone of the story but not so much The Secretary. Nonetheless, I read the book in a matter of days and am excited to read Flynn's other works. Her writing is descriptive and lush and suspenseful and has complex characters. What can I say, I've always been drawn to emotionally flawed characters.

Wedding on the Brain
I want a wedding. I want to glitz up some place and it be romantic and intimate. I want to hear the ocean waves too...and party it up at a beach house...with a bonfire...and be in that moment forever.

Mental Note
Relearn your countries.
Iran IS part of Asia.

Facepalm Pictures, Images and Photos

BReak all the things!

bloody keyboard gif Pictures, Images and Photos

Geek Out
I'm totally geeking out on the idea of creating a geocache at our library!
Oh the possibilities!

I am starting to dislike how I come across one internet thing (video, photo, etc) through a person one moment, then see it being blogged about, on Good Morning America, or see like 10 "friends" post about it on Facebook.

I guess it's good for the original poster. But everything is short-lived and I kind of want to blame this new way of information sending/receiving as the root of why I get so unhappy quickly.

My brain needs a chill, all the time.

2012 Genre Challenge: Biography/Memoir
One down and many more to go!
I finished Emma Forrest's Your Voice in My Head early last week and thoroughly enjoyed it.
I've read her other books, Thin Skin and Cherries in the Snow, so I occasionally check if she's come up with any new titles.
Your Voice in my Head is about the unexpected death of her therapist and the events that surround it.
While I have not experienced every single detail she has, I feel for her words and feel that the way she describes the emotional ups and down are accurate. I don't want go to into detail b/c I feel like I would spoil it but the book is very descriptive and comforting.
It is definitely a book I would re-read and add to my personal collection (I borrowed it from the library).
I hope you find time to read it as well.

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